Solar Energy makes your farm profitable
– It’s as simple as that!

Energy and Electricity prices are increasing every year, and smart farmers are looking for ways to reduce their energy use and cut costs. There are many ways to save energy. But a properly designed solar system will allow you to maximise the benefits.

Solar energy is less expensive than it has been in history. Eskom and local Municipalities also have attractive feed-in schemes that pay for any electricity that a farming operation exports to the grid, so payback is usually around 5 years. Unlike other farm equipment, PV and solar heating systems are hassle-free and last for over 25 years with little maintenance.

Solar PV on your farm is an excellent investment. It quickly pays for itself, improves your independence from the grid, and increases the value of your property.

But how do I choose a supplier / installer?

Designs and equipment vary considerably in price, functionality and quality,
so it is difficult to select the best option for your particular needs. And many contractors are not engineers, so cannot design the best system for you.

That is where Solarex can help. We have specialised in the solar field since 2002, so have more projects under our belt than almost anyone.
Experience counts!

The Solarex team includes qualified engineers and electrical technicians, trained in the technology that we use. We only use top quality equipment, and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

Our Services


Energy Use

We install monitors and software to log your energy use in detail. We use this energy data and your electricity bills to analyse where you could save.

Solar PV
System Design

Our engineers use the latest software to design and specify solar PV installations of all sizes.


We model the project’s energy production and costs to work out optimal Return & payback period. Our business analysts also suggest the best financing sources for you, and help you to get all the
necessary approvals.


Qualified engineers, trained technicians and installation crews make sure your solar installation is done correctly and complies with all the necessary regulations and standards.