As a necessary part of the Solarex business, we have to collect quite a lot of information from our clients and suppliers. We understand that this carries a great responsibility. We respect the fact that your personal or business information is sensitive and we will do everything we can to make sure that it is safe.

We’ve tried to make our privacy policy absolutely clear, open and readable, but if you have any questions or concerns at all, please drop us an email.

Please note that this document may change from time to time, to clarify wording or to reflect new features, but the following principles will not change:

We believe that your information belongs to you and you should have complete control over your information. Your private information remains absolutely confidential.
Solarex makes solar businesses more efficient; they pay us for this increased efficiency and that’s how we make money.

  • We will never sell your information, in any form, to anyone.
  • We will be very transparent and explain clearly what we do with your information.
  • We will never spam you, always give you the option to opt-out of communication and do everything we can to prevent others from spamming you.