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Solarex performs energy engineering. We design and install large and small PV (photovoltaic) electricity generation, solar thermal technology (including industrial and commercial water heating and cooling) and related energy efficiency projects that save our clients energy and money.

Solar Thermal applications

In homes the major energy use can be attributed to heating water. A well designed and controlled solar heating system can reduce water heating bills by as much as 70%. For commercial buildings the main user of energy is in cooling/air conditioning, and the latest solar-driven chillers can reduce the cooling cost significantly.

Industrial heat recovery

For any factory, processing plant or industry that uses steam, hot water or refrigeration, a very strong case can be made for installing a solar water heating or cooling plant.

Photovoltaic electricity generation

In addition to the quick wins from solar water heating, there is an excellent economic case for generating electricity in-house. Speak to Solarex to find out how we can help you.


What we do

Solarex works with a range of local and international experts to package the best solutions for our clients, including equipment selection, project design, optimisation, ensuring regulatory compliance, finance options and energy efficiency monitoring and audits.

If you would like to explore a project in the solar field, of any size (we have helped develop from 75 MW utility-scale solar farms down to installing smaller rooftop systems), or if you just want to know more about what solar can do for you, please contact us. We can help.

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